.BIN File Extension

RealFlow Mesh Cache File

3D/CAD File
BIN files created with RealFlow are used to export user created meshes. RealFlow is a dynamic 3D simulator that can be used to recreate water surfaces, fluids, rigid objects and interactions between fluids and solid surfaces.

The Meshes stored within BIN files are one of the main concepts behind RealFlow simulations. They're the "outer skin" of the fluid and are created to offer a visual representation of the fluid's volume. A polygon mesh acts like any other object of a 3D model. This enables the user to add textures, UV coordinates, motion blurred particles and shaders to create a convincing fluid simulation.

How to open BIN Files

Meshes are stored by RealFlow within BIN files in the "Meshes" subfolder which can be found in the root folder of the application. They're are opened with RealFlow and the user can also create previews of any BIN file for presentation purposes.

Other .BIN file extensions
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