.APS File Extension

Resource Script (Binary version) File

Data File
The APS file format is used as a binary version of the resource script files by Visual Studio .NET when creating graphical components in a program. The resource files are not read directly by the Resource Editor and the system compiles these files in to a binary version--the APS file. When these files become out of sync, the system will re-generate the RC files to match the compiled APS file. These files only contain symbolic data, or data which is useful for the program.

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kinjal patel
2008-07-17 05:43:08
I tried to read this file.i know it Microsoft Visual C++ file, binary version of the resource file, generated by the resource editor.
When you use Visual Studio .NET with an open solution, you will get some additional nonessential files in the solution and project folders. These files hold optional information and will be created if they do not exist. There are three files to consider: the solution options file (.suo), the no-compile browser file (.ncb), and the resource editor file (.aps).

The solution options file holds information about the files that you had open and your position in those files when the solution was last saved. This feature is useful for you, because at the end of a day all the information about your workspace will be saved, and when you load the solution the next day, you will get the same files open at the same positions that you used the previous day.

This information is unlikely to be useful for a co-worker, so if you copy a solution to transmit to a colleague, it makes little sense to copy the .suo file.