.APK File Extension

Android Package File

Compressed File
Files with the extension .APK are package files associated with 'Android' a software platform and operating system developed by 'Google' and 'The Open Handset Alliance'.

The .APK package file usually contains a collection of .DEX files (Android program files) that operate as a single application file for use with the Android platform.

The .APK file is a compressed collection of a 'Androidmanifest.xml' file.

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.

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    Android User
    2010-02-25 21:15:37
    ".apk" files are used on Android devices, smartphones etc. that run the Android OS. These ".apk" files are the installers for software programs as distributed through the Android Market.
    If you rename the file, on a computer, so that it ends in ".zip", you will be able to open them easily because they are literally just a ZIP archive of executable and configuration files.
    new android user
    2010-11-11 09:56:05
    After unzipping .apk file, how do I run it to android device?
    2011-03-08 18:07:24
    You need to transfer the .apk file to your android device.
    2011-04-10 21:41:08
    My new android A5000 cannot recognise a new 2GB or 8GB SD Card. What can i do?
    2011-07-14 01:53:14
    where do I transfer the apk file to on the droid? Can I do the transfer from my pc to droid?
    2011-08-07 22:55:33
    Do I need to download the Google android SDK to my phone first?