.ACSM File Extension

Adobe Content Server Message File

Miscellaneous File
Adobe Content Server Message (ACSM) files are small files created and used during the process of downloading electronic books (eBooks) from Adobe.

These .ACSM files are first created by a client's Adobe Digital Editions application and contain a unique activation ID, they are then sent to an Adobe Content Server where the request eBook is encrypted and sent to the client.

This automatic process ensures that only the intended client can open the eBook and is a form of DRM (Digital rights management), preventing illegal distribution of copyright material.

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2010-12-30 19:54:35
I just got a new cruz tablet and wanted to load an ebook to it that I purchased from the kob website. When I tried to download my new eBook all it did was download a file with an .ACSM extension.

I downloaded Abobe digital editions but cant find a way of transferring the file from adobe digital editions to my new eReader or even my desktop. I need help to use this new system and no one that I know knows anything about Adobe digital editions or Ebooks.

Any help would be much appreciated.
marius rusu
2011-07-18 13:44:04
well, i guess it's late for an answer but for others who visit, here you go:

1. When you open the acsm file with adobe digital, it will download the epub file in the default adobe digital application directory.

2. To find the default directory, just press ctrl + I, or look for item info in the reading menu and there you will see the local path where the epub file is.

Hope it helps, Cheers!