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3GPP Audio File

Audio File
The .3GA file extension is used by 3GPP multimedia format files. 3GPP stands for "3rd Generation Partnership Program" and is a multimedia container format developed for 3G wireless carrier services such as MMS, PSS or IMS.

3GA files identify only the audio stream saved in the 3GPP container. They're similar to 3GP files which are used for capturing both audio and video content. Both formats are used for transmitting recordings over the Internet between 3G Smartphones and are supported by many types of devices such as Nokia or Samsung.

How to open 3GA Files

There is a large variety of media players that can be used in order to open 3GA files (VLC, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Nokia Suite, etc.). Most of them were originally created for 3GP file playback but they can also be used to open 3GA files. Even if the audio software does not recognize the 3GA file as a supported one, changing the extension to 3GP will usually solve the problem.

An alternative solution for opening 3GA files is to first convert them to mp3 files using one of the free online converting tools such as Winamp mp3 output plug-in and opening them with any media player after the conversion is complete.

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