.002 File Extension

Part 2 of Split Archive

Compressed File
Files ending in the .002 extension are created by various compression or archiving programs.

This type of software can be used to compress a large file or a certain number of files into a single archive which can be split later into several smaller volumes. This is done in order to ease large file management and transfer.

File Splitting Software saves data sequentially so .002 files will always contain information following the one stored in the .001 file. Likewise, .002 files may also have corresponding .003, 004, etc. files.

How to open 002 Files

Since .002 files are small parts of other larger files, they can be rarely opened or used on their own. The only way to do this is by changing the .002 extension to the one of the original, archived file. If the file is an audio or video one, it will sometimes play a small part of the recording.

The correct method is to ensure you have the entire collection of the original archive files, and then extract these to create the full file.

As .001 or .002 file are common extensions used by many file splitting programs, it is best to find out first which software was used to create the file.

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