.ZIX File Extension

Quicken Intuit On-line File

Data File
These files were used by older versions of the financial management software application 'Quicken', and are apparently no-longer used.

Other .ZIX file extensions

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    2007-05-03 18:16:48
    this zix exstension is used by some scanners. Supposedly compressing file (untrue) when you try to unzix file you'll have some adware embedded (true) in winzix.exe -when you instal this soft.
    Johan Fr¸lund
    2007-05-17 08:13:34
    winzix claims to be a file compressor but, as far as i can se, its a fake!!
    Minime.exe (part of winzix) is aparently a trojan!
    2007-06-01 08:44:49
    trojan downloader in minime.exe, tries to modify your system, luckily for me mcafee stopped it!!
    2007-06-14 21:52:09
    Can i use hex editor to change a zix file so i can open it? and if so how?
    2007-06-16 08:57:38
    To totally remove you have to edit your registry and manually find and remove all keys and - regedit, then in find type winzix and keep finding next to the end
    (delete all keys and values) What a pain..don't do this if you are not familiar with the registry
    2007-06-28 13:48:01
    not able to open a movie as it is in zix extension plz help
    2007-07-03 09:38:19
    If u downloaded one of those ugly .zix files, my best advice for you would be to NOT download any sort of programs, players etc. u dont know anything about but rather just change the fileending. (.zix >>> .zip/.rar) GL
    2007-07-20 15:51:12
    RE: Can i use hex editor to change a zix file so i can open it? and if so how?

    Apparently you can. Someone has posted very helpful and easy to follow instructions on editing .zix files with a Hex editor. Just go to wikepedia and look it up, worked for me.
    2007-07-27 17:31:28
    I need help opening my .zix file, but i dont want to download WinZix because I've seen many forums saying that there are several viruses.
    Someone please help me, talk to me on email Thank You!
    Wm S
    2007-08-31 19:50:15
    WinZix is has the AD-Ware ****,etc. but the 700 MB files are of no use. The responses, if any, are of a Psych based nature. They repeat back the question that you ask, yet make no attempt to answer. In other words, a scam!!!

    2007-09-03 21:31:52
    Winzix added Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.en to their setup file.. When I download and scan the file my Kapersky detected it and showed the following information. I recommend NOT to use Winzix.

    detected: Trojan program Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.en