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PlayStation Store PSP License File

Game File
XPD files are license files that are downloaded along with content from the Sony PlayStation Store. The XPD file is used for Digital Rights Management (DRM|rm) and XPD license files are required to transfer games and other downloaded files to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) device. XPD license files are automatically acquired by the PlayStation Network Downloader (PSND) when a user downloads iles from the PlayStation Store for PSP.

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    2009-06-20 17:43:52
    PSP XPD's are files with information on how and where to download PSP Demos. .XPD files are actually just simple .txt files saved with the .XPD extension.

    For PC, you need the PSND or PlayStation Network Downloader, to open and save demos from an XPD file. All an XPD is doing is simply linking to the PSP Demo .PBP and can include Size of Demo, And name.

    There's a XPD Generator that creates a XPD file for you but many people decide to open up notepad and write it from there.

    XPD files can also link to another XPD file. So if your downloading a Demo and its split into two files, then you access the first XPD, and when that is finished downloading, the second XPD file will execute.

    There are also PSP .XDS files which do the same thing as XPD files but download .MP4 files (Videos) and can include a .THM file which is a thumbnail image for the .MP4 video.
    2009-06-29 05:58:52
    Downloaded an .xpd file for an application that came bundled with a Ratchet & Clank PSP. There was a card in the bundle directing you to a website and a free download code for a cool game application.
    Can't opent the file - hence my visit to your site.