.WPL File Extension

Windows Media Player Playlist

Configuration File
Windows Media Player Playlist (.wpl) files are client-side playlists that are written in a proprietary format. Microsoft introduced this file format in Windows Media Player 9 Series. The .wpl format can create dynamic playlists, whereas .asx and .m3u formats cannot. In Windows Media Player 9 Series, the auto playlist feature uses the .wpl format. The .wpl format is the default file format used for playlists that you save in Windows Media Player 9 Series.

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    2008-10-10 22:06:58
    PLEASE HELP!@!!! How do you delete the file-names that come up in WMP-9 PLAYLIST (dropdown box) after the files contents have been deleted? It seems impossible to delete them from within the program. I have deleted the .wpl files from Explorer but it makes no difference - they still appear in the drop-down lists. AAGGHH!!

    Jay /
    2008-10-11 04:54:55
    Hi Gazza, take a look here:
    2008-12-07 04:34:35
    My WPL Play list shows the exact order in which I want the songs (those burned into a CD). But my DVD player does not recognise this play list and jumbles up the play order. Is there any solution to my problem?
    2009-04-30 08:11:58
    I'm trying to burn CD's out of Windows Media Player but they never play in my car or on other CD players. Is there something I need to do in order to get the CDs to burn the way they should be?
    ronald domacena
    2010-08-10 14:13:27
    I was able to burn my media player playlist but my dvd player wont play it. It just flashes no disc. What should I do?