.WI File Extension

Corel Wavelet Compressed Image

Image File
Compressed image file format used by various Corel products such as CorelDraw and Photo-Paint. These .wi files are compressed to use less disk space and uncompressed by the application when opened.

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Selwyn Jackson
2010-08-04 09:23:28
WI extension is used by the SUMMUS wavelet compression. The company SUMMUS does not exist any more. The driver to encrypt/decrypt is called SWI.DLL.
2010-08-22 23:08:36
*.wi files are graphics/photos used with Corel software.

As yet I have not found any way to convert these files.
2014-02-24 13:45:43
CorelDraw X6 and Corel PhotoPaint 32bits open that type of files... unfortunetly the 64 bit versión doesn´t... :(