.WD1 File Extension

Earth 2150 Movie

Video File
The WD1 file format was used in the Earth 2150 series of games to store movies.

Other .WD1 file extensions
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    2009-08-12 02:54:42
    The .WD1 extension indicates a video file used in the Earth 2150 series of games for their in game videos.

    It is supported by Windows Media Player 6-9 and if you have an earlier or later version installed then all that will be played is sound by running the file outside of the game. When in game the video will cause the game to crash if a version of media player outside of versions 6-9 is not present. To remedy this to play the game, either install a supported version of Media Player or when installing choose maximum install, delete ALL .WD1 files from the games video directory and uncheck the "Play Intro Movie" radio button in the pre-game setup. You will not be able to see the videos in game but the game will now work fine.