.VCD File Extension

Virtual CD-ROM CD Image

Disk Image File
The .VCD extension belongs to the format given to disk images (copies) of a CD or DVD, also known as virtual images.

The main benefit of these images is that they can be stored on your computer or on a network and then loaded when required, without the need of the original disk.

Other .VCD file extensions
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    Cristina Maria
    2006-12-04 07:29:00
    Hi there!

    I have VCD's from Thailand that I really need to open here in the UK. How and where from can I safely download a trial?
    2008-05-08 14:19:58

    I have a virtual CD-ROM tool installed, which is a freeware. but when I try to mount a file with .vcd extension it doesn't show up.. coz virtual cd-rom supports image files. any other way to get this .vcd file working or any conversion tool to convert in ISO or NRG

    2008-06-26 07:08:35
    hello friend

    i downloaded the age of mytholgy game through the torrent the file extention is in the form of .vcd where i got convert those in to .exe files and which software is help full to me to convert those

    please give the sugestion
    2008-12-13 17:57:22
    I have bought a virtual CD for my son which contains alphabets n nursery rhymes. It is played in MP3 PLAYER but when I tried to open it in my PC - it is not opening, how can I play it in my PC which is windows XP latest version?