.TS File Extension

HDTV (High definition) Stream File

Video File
The .TS file format is used to broadcast high-definition TV (HDTV).

To burn a .TS file for playing on your DVD player, you will first need to convert the file to another format such as MPEG2 using a tool like HDTVtoMPEG2.

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2007-04-18 07:48:34
You may find this file if you have a Humax HDD recorder with a USB port (dv9200t or Duovisio).

Many thanks to Stopy on the dotwhat?! forums.
Dr Albahri
2007-10-15 10:47:44
I have files recorded with Humax recorder with .vid file extensions. how can i play/convert/ edit these files on my PC?
2008-02-02 08:57:41
Hi Albahri - i have the same problem - do you have already a solution? Can anybody help me out?
Laurent Picquet
2008-07-28 00:31:21
Videolan is an open-source software video player that can also read .ts files.
2009-01-03 08:45:54
Can I watch a .ts file on my pc? Or can they only be played on a DVD player?
2009-02-07 17:42:01
To Yuri.. Yes you can watch .ts videos in your PC. But you need the videolan's VLC media player. TS files works in VLC player.
2009-02-26 22:52:53
Try KM player for .TS files
Hauppage Tv Media Player
2009-05-12 14:00:06
I have a hauppauge Tv Card, and was previously running Win TV Version 6.00 lots of problems with it jumping and locking up, tried many fixes and adjustments to try and correct it, same problem when installed on my other p.c good spec dual processor nvidia graphics, not a P.C problem, pc is very high spec. The recordings made were always *.MPG

Hauppauge have just released Win TV V7.00 This now works perfectly with the same t.v card, no locking up or jumping, it's great quality now.

I now see the new video recordings as having the *.TS extensions, on the plus side, the quality is much better,although the files size for a four minute recording are almost twice the size of the *.MPG

The new software will also play any *.ts file from other devices, although I am now trying to track down a good programme which can convert the *.ts files and burn on to a standard DVD Video TS/Vob format for playing on a stand-alone DVD Player, Have not yet tried burning and playing the raw *.ts file on to a DVD. I wonder if that would work, as my dvd can play divx/avi files.

At last they seem to have taken note of all the Q&A which had been received on their site
2009-05-28 11:34:35
How can I convert .avi files (DivX) so I can copy to a memory stick, then play through the USB port of my Humax HDD Recorder? Any help much appreciated.
taha zaki
2009-09-22 10:01:52
How can I convert a TS file to be read on pc? A free download not a trial?
2009-11-07 10:02:19
Hi - does anyone know whether I can copy .ts movie files recorded on my pc (from WinTV) to a Media Player (such as a Sumvision Cyclone) and then play the files on my LG LCD TV via a USB connection or video cables ? Thanks.
2010-03-25 16:49:44
To play a .TS file on your PC, just open it with Windows Media Player.

I don't know if you need Windows Media Player 12, or if older versions can play .TS files too.
taha zaki
2010-05-06 13:29:16
How can I read a .ts file on pc? A free program download not a trial.
2010-05-08 15:10:28
I have VLC, but I can't open *.ts files?
2010-08-25 19:28:10
I can not play a .ts file on my computer, not with Windows media player or VLC or media player classic, I have tried a lot of applications to convert but nothing is working.
2010-10-17 13:13:31
I have files recorded with xcruiser recorder with .ts file extensions. How can i play these files on my PC? I tred kmplayer , vlc player , media player classic etc but nothing worked.
Dave Bainbridge
2012-04-09 07:47:38
I recorded a tv program on a usb flash drive using the pvr setting. I would like to burn the files to a DVD but
the files are not TS_video they show as twin TS _data 001
and TS_data 002 files . If anyone knows how please let me know as its a really cool doco.