.TRC File Extension

Motion Analysis Software Skeletal File

3D/CAD File
The TRC (Track Row Column) file format was developed by the Motion Analysis Corporation, one of the industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing optical instrumentation systems and 3D optical motion capture hardware and software.

TRC files are used to indicate the position of the motion capture markers placed on subjects during a session. The header of the file is comprised by the first 3 lines which are followed by 2 column lines and rows of data. The rows of data are identified by a frame number, a time value and the spatial coordinates (x, y, z) of each marker.

How to open TRC Files

TRC files can be opened, edited and also exported by Windows users with the software applications developed by the Motion Analysis Corporation such as Cortex or Skeleton Builder. They can also be viewed as plain text files with the information being delimited by tabs.

Other .TRC file extensions
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