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Session File

Files with the extension .TQM are data (session) files created using the 'Traqmate' GPS data aquisition system. The Traqmate is a physical unit created for track racing, it records data relating to the drivers performance, lap times, etc. for later analysis.

.TQM session files can be viewed using 'Traqview', a piece of software that allows users to upload their .TQM files for analysis. Features allows users to replay their entire race in real time, slow-mo, or fast modes, as well as checking on Gloads, braking and acceleration, as well as viewing graphs for velocities, transfer speeds etc.

Users can also upload their .TQM files to the Traqmate website to share with others, or download session files uploaded by others to compare.

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2010-07-01 01:05:52
I started my computer (Windows Vista), only to be told by AVG Antivirus that Trojan Horse Generic 18.tqm, had infected, and when i looked at the file name it was under lsass.exe.

What can I do to remove this and am I in danger of losing files?