.THEMEPACK File Extension

Windows 7 Theme Pack

System File
Windows 7 theme pack, these .themepack files contain multiple items (such as a desktop wallpaper, common Windows application icons, Windows event sounds etc) required to change the current Windows theme. These files also contain a .theme file which contains theme configuration information.

The .themepack file format is self-extracting, and should install automatically as soon as a new theme is downloaded.

New themes for Windows 7 can be downloaded directly from Microsoft Windows 7 theme library website, which can be accessed by right-clicking the desktop, and selecting 'Personalize', then clicking the 'Get more themes online' link.

Windows 7 also includes a tool for creating and sharing your custom windows themes. This too can be accessed via the 'Personalize' option.

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2011-03-27 12:27:31
I am really new to downloading themepacks. So my question is when I have downloaded the theme pack from Microsoft, What do I do next? It asked me to save file or to open with when I downloaded it? It didn't give me a location when I saved it. Then when I opened it from the window, it gave me an error message: tells me it need to know what program created it. Then when I do an online search for it, it doesn't recognize any programs... What do I do?