.SWA File Extension

ShockWave Audio

Audio File
Contains audio data for flash animations, these .SWA files are created by Adobe ShockWave and are similar to the popular .MP3 format.

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Brennan Young
2010-02-03 06:07:17
.swa is almost identical with mp3. In fact, it was the first version of mp3 to be pushed at the multimedia community, before Napster kicked off the mp3 pirate underground.

.swa differs most significantly from .mp3 in that it can contain 'cue points' for synchronisation with content in Director. Macromedia's SoundEdit was one of the first tools to offer .swa compression.

If you change the suffix at the end of a .swa file into .mp3, it will almost certainly play on any mp3 player without any trouble.