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Scalable Vector Graphics File

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The SVG File Format was developed as an open standard by the World Wide Web Consortium in 1999 after analyzing and building upon the competing PGML and VML standards created by Adobe and Microsoft.

SVG files are used for rendering vector graphics on the Web. The main difference between bitmaps and vector based images is that raster images contain a fixed set of dots while vector images contain a fixed number of shapes. When scaled and zoomed into, raster images reveal their fixed number of dots which lowers the quality of the image. Vector Graphics can be scaled freely without sacrificing image quality.

How to open SVG Files

Scalable Vector Graphics Files are XML-based and inherit the characteristics of XML text files. They can be compressed, scripted and indexed and can be edited with any text editor but it is much more convenient to use drawing programs like the ones listed below. Also, all modern web browsers provide support for SVG files and can render them directly.

Other .SVG file extensions
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    2007-09-21 00:09:13
    Which tool is used to edit this type of file..?