.SMT File Extension

Samsung Phone Theme File

Data File
Theme file used to replace the default images/icons etc on various models of Samsung phones.

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    2011-03-28 01:57:05
    skins made for samsung bada phones (as far as i know) when are installed into a phone, they are saved as .smt files, and have no idea on how to open them.
    2011-03-28 02:10:57
    wait, i searched a little bit more and found out that the .smt format used for samsung bada skins is just to hide the actual .zip file, just change the extension of the file to .zip and decompress it
    2011-11-15 05:31:07
    As far as i know, .SMT files are Samsung Theme Files. Meaning, these are the files you apply to your mobile phone if you want to change its appearance (theme).

    Regarding how to open/edit/convert or create these files, Samsung Developers have this "Samsung Theme Designer" which one can use to create a theme file (.smt file) for their Samsung Mobile Phone. You can download the software here:

    That's all I know. I'm still looking for a software that can edit these .SMT files. Because the Samsung Theme Designer only exports the theme you create into a .SMT file. Thus, you cannot use the same program to edit an existing .SMT file.

    If there's anyone here who knows more, I'll be willing to share ideas. Thanks!