.SMF File Extension

Standard Midi File

Audio File
The SMF extension stands for "Standard MIDI File". The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) specification was developed to meet the musicians' need for a way to connect several different musical instruments with computers and other electronic devices.

The MIDI protocol was quickly adopted for early personal computers as it was an excellent solution for storage and playback in exchange for little volume space. SMF files contain the characteristics of a musical event including the start and end of a note, its volume, its pitch and its vibrato.

The MIDI protocol has a data rate of 31.25 Kbs, uses 8-bit serial transmission and is asynchronous.

How to open SMF Files

Standard Midi Files can be opened using QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player and can be created with Digital Sequencing applications such as Cubase, Digital Performer and Sonar.

Other .SMF file extensions
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