.SFM File Extension

Galaxy S Memo File

Miscellaneous File
Used by the Samsung Galaxy application 'S Memo' to store notes (memos) data.

Samsung have since replaced 'S Memo' with 'S Notes' and we are not currently aware of any way to import the data to newer versions of the applications.

Some users however, have stated that is it possible to export the notes as text files or PDF and copy these files to the newer device to have as reference.

The files are likely to be stored in the following location on the device:

- Application\SMemo\cache
- Application\SMemo\switcher

Other users have noted that these files can be opened in Paint on Windows 8 though we are unable to verify at this time.

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Scott Cason
2014-06-16 22:03:32
I recently upgraded phones from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Samsung Galaxy S5. A program that came with the S3 was called Smemo. The similar program in the S5 is called Snote. When trying to move my data from the Smemo, I learned that the Snote does not support the same file format. The data from the Smemo is saved with the .sfm format. If I could convert it to .txt, I could then copy it to the Snote.
2015-11-15 22:32:45
I can confirm that Vista's Paint opened image and text memo files without problem, but only as images.
2015-12-15 15:27:03
Can open with Paint on Windows 7 too, confirmed.
2017-02-10 20:54:55
I can confirm that the files can be opened in IE11 and in Firefox 51.0.1 - but again, they are just images and not editable.