.SFCACHE File Extension

ReadyBoost Cache File

System File
.SFCACHE files are used by ReadyBoost, a feature first used by the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

ReadyBoost allows you to plug a USB flash memory devide in to an available USB 2.0 port on your PC which is then used to as virtual memory (cache). This results is faster data access speed and therefore improved system performance.

While using ReadyBoost, these files must not be accessed or deleted.

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Desiree Quillan
2008-12-08 08:05:44

I bought 1 USB Flash Drive Microvault at 4GB, When I connect it to the computer (Windows Vista) it didn't work when I try to save the files on it.

The Display on the screen would be the following:

1.Read me v21 file folder
2.Readyboost Cache File
3. Vertual Expander_v21
4. Decompression Vertual Expander
5. Vertual Expander_Flash demo21

Probably there's something that I really don't know or do I have to download the software or whatever. please help me how to use them. Thank you.
Bruno Gonzalez
2009-08-21 17:38:56
I just bought an 8gb USB key, tried it the first as readyboost (on vista) it worked well but not that I want to use it for the second time it's not working and it tells me about cache! How do I use the key? Readyboost?
David Holt
2009-08-24 08:44:07
When I remove mine and plug it back in, it doesn't start with AutoPlay pop-up like first time. Explorer shows me the drive contains ReadyBoost. The light on my USB key flashes for a while.

Check ReadyBoost Properties, make sure it's using the device you just plugged in.
Rene Andersen
2010-03-13 17:54:29

I unknowingly confirmed/clicked the install File Extension .SFCACHE which has blocked storage on the USB Drive.

All the fixes including SpeedyPC and ParetoLogic's FileCure want $39 for me to use this. I'm not interested in paying this money to access this $13.00 USB
2010-09-19 02:16:42
How can I delete the readyboost file from my USB drive? It contains 4gb of data and I only have 4gb free out of 8gb.
2011-07-01 12:19:32
How can I delete the readyboost file from my USB drive? It contains 1gb of data and I only have 3gb free out of 4gb.