.SEG1 File Extension

StuffIt Segment

Compressed File
A file created by the Macintosh StuffIt program, a multi-format and multi-file compression and decompression software suite. The SEG1 file is part of a multiple file compression; in the same way as WinRAR files may be split in to multiple R# files, the StuffIt program may create multiple files that make up one complete file when the segments are put together and then decompressed by the StuffIt suite.

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Geoff Eckels
2009-04-13 13:11:04
If you are a Mac user, seg files can be concatenated using the software called "Split and Concat." Just drop "seg1" on the program icon and in seconds segments will be rejoined. You can also split your over-large files before posting. The writers as a minimum $1 donation.
Loosen up.
malik habir
2010-05-17 20:39:56
I am a Mac user, I downloaded .seg1 files but cannot convert to workable files. None of the video software in the mac recognized the files. How do I get them converted?