.SBX File Extension

Adobe Illustrator Tsume

Configuration File
Files with the extension SBX (.sbx) are Adobe Illustrator Tsume files. SBX files have been used in malware attacks in recent years because of the way that they were executed by the Adobe application. SBX files are used by Adobe Illustrator Tsume to reduce the space around a character by a specified amount. SBX files can often be found in the subfolders of the main folder holding the Adobe Illustrator program.

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Beth Stewart
2007-07-23 18:20:44
I noticed an icon on my desktop with the following file name:
It was created an hour before I noticed it, can you tell me where it might have come from? I was not using Adobe and did not create it myself. It is located in C:Documents and SettingsHP_OwnerDesktop, version, and description reads: igApiOps. Besidea a copyright of 2006, it gives no other information in the properties dialogue box. Is it spyware, is it safe to delete?
2007-07-26 10:55:48
Hi Beth,

This is from an active x control called 'ig loader'. I also received this file when I played a game on, and the game had to install 'ig loader' for it to play. You may have received it by playing on the same game on, or another game which required the 'ig loader' active x control. This file is not harmful at all, just a temporary file from the active x control, and is safe to delete.

2008-03-30 08:47:40
Thanks for the answer, the file appeared on my desktop, too! And I thought it was a virus. Thanks :)
2009-01-28 08:12:00
can sombody help me.. i was using "folder latch" (a program that puts passwords on folders) and when i used it on one of my folders, it turned to an .sbx file format.. but when suddenly i try to unlock it, it says that password is invalid. so now i cant open that specific folder because .sbx format is an unknown format.. somebody pls help