.SA1 File Extension

Audio Encryption File

Audio File
Files with the extension .SA1 are panasonic 'AAC' files data wrapped in SD (secure digital) audio encryption layer.

AAC files (Advanced Audio Coding) is a standardized, lossy compression and encoding scheme for digital audio. The AAC format was designed to replace the MP3 format.

An .SA1 file is an AAC file wrapped in a SD audio encryption layer and is used by Panasonic for digital rights management.

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Comments (3)
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2008-11-11 20:55:39
Panasonic must provide freeware to convert mp3 to SA1 for all users of Panasonic hardware.
2008-12-07 22:04:30
Panasonic must provide an .sai converter
2010-04-11 19:11:15
Did anyone find a way to convert the .SA1 files from my Panasonic into something that can play on windows vista?!

I got the way around the video files, by simply changing the name, but not these sa1 files. I tried the same method on these, but nothing worked.