.RUF File Extension

Samsung DVD and Blu-Ray Player Firmware

System File
A RUF file is a binary file format that is used by Samsung DVD and Blu-Ray devices. The RUF file is a firmware file that is used by these devices in order to update the low-level hardware access functions and directions that are contained in the ROM and used by the Operating System in order to correctly run them.

These devices can generally be updated either with a USB stick containing the update or with a CD/DVD media with the file placed in the drive.

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2010-04-19 00:15:39
am trying to open a ruf file (samsung firmware) to see if I can change the region code from B to all. Was told that the regions are set into the firmware and not the player.
angry renter
2011-07-09 03:15:46
Just put in a rented movie to watch. Blu-ray player says I needed an update. Odd, I just got the newest one a few days ago. Try updating via the wireless process, "no new updates." Odd.

So I go to, find my player, download the firmware upgrade, unzip it, move to a USB drive. "No firmware file found." Try again: new download, unzip, move file, "no firmware file found."

Look on to see what's wrong, see I need this "RUF" file. Was not in the downloaded-a-few-miutes-ago firmware folder I got from samsung, so I call tech support. "I see that file is not in there, you need that file. We'll send you a CD in 5-7 days."

What a waste. I really love having to rent the same movie twice, *hoping* it will even be the correct update next week.
2012-10-07 21:50:57
I bought a Sony, it updates firmware very easily, but my parents Samsung has this ruf file you must download, save to desktop,then find a program to open the ruf file, then cut and paste, what a hassle!