.RMVB File Extension

RealVideo Variable Bit Rate

Video File
The RMVB file format, standing for 'RealMedia Variable Bitrate', is a video format created by RealNetworks, Inc.

The RMVB format is ideal for video files, as it produces files of a smaller size while still having better quality than many of the older/traditional formats such as DivX.

To open these files, you'll need to ensure that you have either the original 'RealPlayer', or the light-weight alternative, 'Real Alternative'.

Once you have these applications, you may find that Windows does not automatically associate these applications with the .RMVB format. If this is the case, you'll need to select your chosen application (RealPlayer or Real Alternative) from the 'Open with' window.

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Comments (2)
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2008-12-16 07:00:30
I have RealPlayer - do I need to download codecs too?
2009-05-24 17:15:56
I downloaded the real alternative lite with realplayer and I'm doing fine playing rmbv files.

However I am having a problem converting the format to avi or dvd. Presently using WinAvi. The video converts wonderfully but the audio won't come through. Still playing with settings.