.RAR File Extension

WINRAR Archive File

Compressed File
A RAR file (pronounced Rare or rar) is a format used by a popular archiving application named "WinRAR". RAR files contain data that has been compressed (compacted) to reduce file size (just like a .zip file), and is a popular format for transferring large files across the internet.

To extract the compressed data (also known as unpacking), you will need an application that can read the .rar format. The most obvious choice is WinRAR itself, however there are other programs out there that can handle this file format, such as 7-Zip.

The unpacking process is fairly simple, you open the archive using your archive application, and specify the destination folder for the uncompressed files.

To compress files (using WinRAR), you highlight the file(s) that require compacting, right click and select "Add to archive".

WinRAR is a shareware application, and can open different archive formats (like .zip, .lzh etc). WinRAR can create archives in both .rar and .zip formats at different levels on compression.

For more information, please visit the WinRAR website.

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Comments (6)
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2007-01-11 14:10:22
how can i get the volume of winrar archive file
2007-04-26 22:02:50
do you mean how can extract the data? if yes just open the .rar archive file and extract to a folder on your computer.
2007-05-06 22:37:17
I need help for stalling gta in my pc!!!!
2008-03-19 11:29:37
Question: I downloaded and installed 7-Zip to open .rar files from overseas. As a beginner/novice I need the SPECIFIC step-by-step instructions on how to view the files. An email to 7-Zip went unanswered.
2008-11-15 01:44:28
help guys!
I downloaded some files split with HJSPLIT but didn't know how to join them together at the time (didn't know about HJSPLIT) so I renamed the files as .rar files and tried to unpack them. Didn't work (surprise surprise!), but now I can't revert tham back to .001 - .999 files again. Any ideas how to change the registry value (or whatever it's called) back to an HJLPIT file?
I tried renaming the file back to the original, but my computer still reads them as .rar files...
Any help would be very greatly appreciated!
2008-12-26 08:33:37

this is because windows hides known file endings. Just open an folder; In the menu bar chose the last entry (not the ?, the other one left)
Then open "properties". Then there is a list. Search for an entry called "Hide known file extensions" or something like that. Uncheck the box.
Then you can see the extension and rename it.

Your other problem, with files like .001 - .xxx:
Get an Hexeditor like HxD (Free). With this program you can select multiple files and fit them together to one file.

Sorry for my bad English ;) The instructions for windows are from my head, I currently don't have any windows here.