.PTP File Extension

PFTrack Project File

Developer File
The PTP file extension is associated with PFTrack, an application developed by The Pixel Farm company. PFTrack is a match moving and 3D camera tracking application that allows users to easily add computer generated graphics and visual effects into their video footage.

The latest version of PFTrack features single camera and stereoscopic 3D camera tracking, scene reconstruction and picture based modeling , all available through an intuitive node based architecture. PFTrack projects are comprised of several files placed within different folders, each storing a different shot.

The PTP format is used for the main project file that holds the links to all the various shots stored in separate folders as well as all the project settings. If the structure of the project is changed users have to manually locate the files when reopening it.

How to open PTP Files

PTP files can be created, opened, edited and saved with PFTrack. The software is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux and for Mac OSX.

Other .PTP file extensions
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