.PST File Extension

Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File

Data File
The PST file extension is associated with Microsoft Outlook, an application used for managing personal information included in the Microsoft Office suite. The latest version of the program is Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac OS and Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows. Commonly used for sending and receiving e-mail messages, Microsoft Outlook also features a journal, task manager, calendar, contact manager and note taking.

Files with the PST extension are data files used by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to store all e-mail information. They’re usually located in â€"App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook”. Outlook 2010 stores them in the â€"Outlook Files” folder located in â€"My Documents” or â€"Documents”, depending on Windows version.

PST is an acronym for â€"Personal Storage Table”. Up until Outlook 2002, PST files used ANSI encoding and their maximum size was 2 GB. Starting with Outlook 2003, Microsoft changed the encoding to Unicode which allowed users to define the maximum size of their PST files, up to a limit of 20 GB. The current limit, implemented in Outlook 2010 is 50 GB.

PST files contain all data stored in the e-mail folders of Outlook. This includes e-mail messages, calendar items, e-mail attachments, contacts, RSS Feeds (Outlook 2007+), suggested contacts (Outlook 2010+), Journal, Deleted Items, Sent Items etc.

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    Jai Kishan
    2006-12-23 04:34:48
    What is the full form of (microsoft) pst
    2007-06-12 06:25:10
    what is the full form of microsoft outlook pst & ost
    Deepak Arora
    2007-06-20 00:03:10
    PST is stands for Personal STore & OST is stands for offline STore.
    Pradeesh Pushapn
    2007-10-02 20:31:26
    Please reply me on an urgent basis
    vilas shengale
    2007-11-12 06:00:41

    i am using microsoft outlook i want to set starting pst password but i am using exchange mail server please help me the same

    Jay /
    2007-11-13 15:13:10
    Hi Vilas,

    What version of Outlook are you using, 2003? Have a look at the bottom of this Microsoft article (Security settings for .pst files/Passwords).

    Hope that helps :)
    Leroy Maddox
    2007-11-21 06:49:23
    How do I Retrieve items archived in pst. file
    Angeline Gionet
    2007-12-30 19:52:03
    My e-mail file is full. I cannot empty it.I deleted a lot but I cannot find the 80....90 good messages to read them. Can you help me Note:I am using Microsoft
    Zelda Goodman
    2008-01-24 22:18:05
    My personal folder backup/pst is on my desktop but when I try to open it in Outlook 2007 it says cannot find folder. Any suggestions?
    2008-02-02 19:52:51
    I have a .pst file of contacts from Outlook on my computer on CD. Can I transfer this to Windows Mail on my laptop? How if you please in fairly simple tech.
    2008-02-18 02:19:22
    what is the fullform of pst?
    2008-03-31 16:10:42
    I have a user who wanted to open a pst file with outlook. So he right clicked on the pst file and used open with outlook to do it. Now all pst files are trying to open in outlook if they double click on them.

    How do I fix the open with file to return it back to the way it should be?
    firoz saifi
    2008-04-23 09:13:40

    please tell me what is the full form of pst in out look.
    and how many rule we can create and empliment in outlook.

    tell me it is very urgent.

    Firoz Khan
    2008-06-02 03:25:02
    What is the fullform of .pst please tell me it is urgent
    2008-09-22 01:39:28
    How do I change or convert .nsf files to .pst files?
    2008-10-21 23:47:24
    what is the full form of .pst file and .dbx file?
    2009-03-28 13:54:26
    The Full form of .pst is Personal Storage Folder
    Seraj Ali
    2009-04-28 07:10:38
    I' very happy to explain here the full form of (Microsoft) pst.
    Its Personal Storage Table (.PST) that contains your outlook mails, calendar, contacts.
    2010-09-09 12:31:51
    full form of PST is personal storage folder