.PRT File Extension

Printer Output File

Text File
Files with the .PRT extension are printer output files. These files contain information on a printing job session.

Other .PRT file extensions
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    2011-03-08 02:47:36
    The P00 file format is indeed used to emulate hard drive content for Commodore computers such as the Commodore 64, PET, CBM, Vic-20, and Amiga.

    A popular emulator that uses them is VICE. In VICE, you set up a folder as your virtual hard drive. Then when you are running the emulated Commodore computer within VICE, and you save files, then they show up as P00 files in that folder. You can move them around in your computer and then open them in another folder in VICE. So they seamlessly integrate your real system and your virtual one.

    I do not know how to open them, though, except for in the emulated system.