.PAF.EXE File Extension Program File

Executable File
PAF.EXE files are used by the platform as executable files, allowing the programs to be run from any PC and still maintain the program history. The files themselves actually contain all the program data as well as the program history in one file.

PAF.EXE files are actually an archive type that has three directories inside: one for the application, one for the data, and one for anything else that the program may need.

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George Constantinoff
2011-01-31 13:03:45
PAF.exe is a subtype of Nullsoft Installer package, optimized to install a portable app.
History does NOT go back to the paf.exe

WARNING! never open a .paf.exe as a regular executable! Download PortableApps platform, then in "manage apps" click "install a new app". That shall generate an install of the contained application to a valid directory.
Naveek Darkroom
2011-10-07 22:25:16
Yes, the paf.exe file is a portable app. But it actually runs fine without the platform as an executable. I got OpenOffice Portable running from a USB drive without the platform, at that's using Ubuntu with Wine.