.NRL File Extension

Interwoven Document Hyperlinks File

System File
Files with the extension .NRL are links to documents within an Interwoven Document Management System, called Filesite, Worksite, Mailsite.

These links are simply a references to the document, and do not contain any actual data.

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2007-03-28 12:55:34
i was sent an address list with an *.nrl extension adn I can't seem to open it in any program I have...what to do?
2007-04-14 04:48:45
I have disc with some NRL files I wish to open I have XP but it will not open. Can you advise me to what I have to do please
Thank you. regards
2007-04-30 21:25:55
How does one get MS Outlook to open a .nrl file? My Outlook 2003 doesn't seem to recognize the format.
2008-01-31 18:51:00
How were you told to open the .nrl file in Outlook. I can't open it.
2008-02-19 14:47:21
The .NRL format is actually a folder for IManage, a type of mailsite/filesite application. I have not been able to find a lot of information on it, but that is the information that I have been able to find.
2009-03-18 16:37:46
.NRL files are links to documents within an Interwoven Document Management System (called Filesite, Worksite, Mailsite). The links usually refer to the server and document number on the DMS and act as a link to that document, much the same way as a hyperlink acts on a web page.

The links do not contain any actual data and are essentially useless outside the confines of the DMS.
Jay /
2009-03-18 17:45:29
Many thanks for this info JonathanPDX, I've updated this entry for other visitors.
2011-07-07 15:50:51
This is the only valuable site on the mater I've found thanks!