.NPF File Extension

Samsung PC Studio Phonebook Backup File

Backup File
Database of personal data from a Samsung phone, created using Samsung PC Studio application.

These .NPF files can contain anything from phone contacts, emails, MMS and SMS messages and calendar data.

It is reported that these files are stored in the Microsoft Access database format, and renaming the extension to .mdb and opening in Access works.

Other .NPF file extensions
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    2011-07-01 19:14:01
    Plz Help, I lost all my contacts & this file seems to have them. contacts.NPF, how to open it?
    Naeem Qureshi
    2011-07-07 06:26:35
    i had connected my samsung W259 with the PC thru PC studio and imported the contacts on my local disc. the file created is with the extension .npf. how can i open the file and check whether all the contacts have been exported. Please help me out.
    2012-10-07 14:34:37
    You need to change extension from npf to mdb and then open it in MS Acces.