.NPE File Extension

NVIDIA nTUNE Overclock Profile Settings

Configuration File
Files with the extension .NPE are created using 'NVIDIA nTUNE'. NVIDIA nTUNE is an application that allows the user to modify (overclock) system settings i.e bus speeds, fan speeds, CPU voltages, etc. and test them without the need to reboot their system.

Using NVIDIA nTUNE allows the creation of multiple system profiles each saved as a .NSU file, creating the abilty to switch between different preset system profiles for different purposes.

The term 'overclocking' refers to the practise of modifying a PCs components to allow them to run at a level beyond that which is guarenteed by their manufacturer, which if done properly can result in far increased system performance, but may if done incorrectly result in system instability.

When running the 'course tuning' function of NVIDIA nTUnes two profiles are created:

Default.npe - which stores details of current bus speeds, etc.


Bestsystem.npe - which stores details of the systems highest passing settings.

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