.MVL File Extension

3D Ultrasound File

Data File
The .MVL file format is used to store 3D ultrasound data and is often used in the medical profession (E.g video containing 3D movie of baby in the womb).

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    2006-10-11 00:01:25
    I receive a copy of my 3D Ultrasound from my obgyn, but I can not open the file as it is in mvl format. How can I open it?
    2006-11-07 21:59:46
    I'm in the same boat. Anybody have any success?
    2006-12-21 20:35:55
    It looks you have a file from a SONOACE 8000 Live System (

    I don't know if there is a player or a codec (I'm serching it also)

    2006-12-27 21:03:38
    Still looking myself! any help??
    2007-02-13 21:21:51
    Any luck on this. My wife and I just returned hours ago from getting the Ultra-Sound and I can't open these ".mvl" files for the life of me.
    2007-02-19 23:12:33
    how can I play or run the *.mvl file in the CPU with windows XP operating system?
    2007-03-02 06:49:29
    MVL is 3D ultrasound video file format. My friend receive a CD with several pictures and two .mvl files. But there are two .avi files also. From file naming I assume that these two files contain the same video as .mvl files. There is a software converting .mvl in .avi, but only with ultrasound equipment. Ask your doctor to convert and write on CD these video files in .AVI format
    Ronny Sonoace
    2007-05-17 15:19:44
    MVL files contains video data as well as "volum data" for the doctor, since the data is mixed, it can be read only by the ultra sound software, from there it can be exported as AVI video fils. if anyone is interesnted i am willing to try to convert files, please make a request to PLEASE send all files ZIPPED. the AVI files will be sent back to the address which came from.
    2007-12-20 05:27:27
    If you would like to see your mvl files, i found a viewer on a hungarian page. It is 60days trial but it works well. The technican told me that it is a special format for 3D ultrasound devices which works with layers of jpegs. I think it would be a good thing if somebody could to cconvert it to 3D stl or any other 3D point format. For example you could to laserengrave your baby into a cristal cube. (I would be happy). So the link is for the viewer:

    Have a Merry christmas for all of you.
    2008-01-20 18:30:36
    Has anyone found anymore data about the volumetric MVL format?

    I found some specifications from Sonoace detailing their DICOM format data (which seems to be pretty easy to convert to other formats) but no mention of MVL.

    What we need to find is a copy of the "SonoView Pro" program

    It seems like it'll run in a normal windows environment.

    I'm guessing that with that 3DXI program Stewe linked to it would be possible to save out a sequence of images through the data and then reassemble that into a voxel cloud using normal DICOM proccessing software

    like the program ImageJ
    Which it claims can do volumetric reconstruction from a series of images... but that's a lot of manual work.
    Jonathan Sivan
    2008-06-20 15:03:23
    The MVL data format stores the details from an Ultra-sound examination made by the OB.

    Using a program like 3DXI you can then access this data and reconstruct the images your doctor saw. This format DOES NOT include any movies. Just 3D data from your ultra-sound examinations.

    The only thing you can do with these files is look at different slices of your examinations - you can look at 2D pictures from the back of your baby's head all the way through his body and into the back of your womb.

    I wouldn't make to much effort in trying to open the file, but 3DXI (60 days evaluation posted by Stewe) is capable of doing it (you need a little bit of technical expertise to understand how to operate the programs).
    2008-09-05 10:53:52
    I was able to open the files in my windows media player i clicked pictures and added the file its the only way i found them viewable but don't know how to convert to a format to email them not everyone has media center
    2008-09-05 11:07:17
    OK people I figured it out you need CS3 photoshop or maybe reg photoshop will have it it should click on file click on scripts then click image processor then open file and let it run it will dup the whole file changing it to jpeg or what ever format you want
    Chris Merriman
    2008-10-01 01:21:24
    Thanks so much to previous posters for the link to the demo version of the ultrasound file program. Just got back from the clinic, and now playing with the files. JPGs and AVIs are nice to watch, but the ability to effectively replay the ultrasound itself from different angles is amazing. Measuring size of ears, hands etc. is amazing. It is worth checking the manual from the program, and playing for a while to get a hang of rotating 3D views.
    To val, I think you may have just been processing the JPGs that were stored in the same directory as your MVL files - I've used CS3 in the manner you described and does not seem at able to process info from MVL files. To make sure, repeat the procedure with just the MVL files in a directory.
    Chris Merriman
    2008-10-01 01:27:20
    Me again, meant to say that is an English language version with a download link, in case you want to read a little before deciding to download the demo. Also, Val, I'm pretty sure that Windows Media Player was simply loading JPGs from the folder that your MVL files were in.
    2008-10-14 10:01:22
    I have the same MVL file extension, Please help.
    How can i play it?
    Chris Merriman
    2008-10-14 15:55:02

    If you have, which part are you having problems with? I'm sure someone will be able to help, but we need to know which part of the downloading/installing/using program you have a problem with.
    Matthew Newman
    2008-10-15 06:26:19
    Photoshop CS3 needs to be removed as a related program.

    The only way Photoshop can open an MVL is if you slice the file into unformatted BMP data that is the size of the individual slices and then open as a raw file with the known frame size of the slices. It's not a trivial task.

    That's how I reconstructed voxel data to produce this 3d render based on an MVL of my daughter:
    2009-03-16 12:33:41
    I own a 3D printing business

    I am trying to get someone or couples to donate some MVL files, so I can try to convert to STL (CAD) format. I want to print these images into physical models for couples. I print CAT scan and MRI files, but my software is made for DICOM files. I need to see if it will work for these MVL files. My software manufacturer doesn't know about MVL files either.
    I would be willing to produce a model, if it works, for the first donation, depending if it is in north America.

    Please Email: stu _AT_
    2009-06-14 04:07:39
    3D Baby Beeld is capable of turning these mvl ultrasound volume files into physical 3D baby models.

    Take a look at

    You can also try our English website which will be online at the end of June 2009.

    You will be able to order a physical 3D babymodel online by uploading your .mvl file through this website.
    2009-08-21 21:35:51
    I downloaded 3D XI viewer and installed it. Although the mvl file can be displayed, it's very inconvenient to save all slices. It need to display slice by slice and save one by one, the file format is only *.bmp, I think it's good if the whole volume can be converted into slices one time. Does anyone have good idea?
    2009-11-13 12:31:52
    I am not sure if 3DXI is compatible with Vista. It refuses to work on my computer. Such a shame as I have found nothing else that will open the mvl file.
    2009-12-08 21:48:55
    A 3D ultrasound software can be run on PC to turn conventional 2D ultrasound into 3D workstation:
    2010-11-17 22:05:29
    Looking for a cost effective way to convert MVL to STL for 3D Printing. Way? Is there a service bureau? Also, are all 3D Ultrasounds MVL?
    2011-03-04 10:00:12
    I have developed software to convert .mvl files as a stack of tif files.
    2011-03-21 16:47:57
    I got a MVL File from my 3D ultrasound today and I can't seem to download the right programs to view it. Any help?
    2011-06-16 20:58:41
    I could open it by View3DXI program.stewe said the link for download this
    or directly download from this link:
    it gives you many pictures which can be rotated and shows what DR saw in sono device.
    2012-02-14 10:50:55
    has someone found a way to convert these mvl files yet?

    please let me know, i want to make a 3D-model of my daughter's fetal ultrasound files...