.MTD File Extension

Music Transfer Document

Miscellaneous File
The music transfer document file type is a proprietary file type that is used by the Musicnotes software library, including the web plugin Musicnotes Viewer. It contains the information necessary to recreate the sheet music of the musical selection on the client machine. Typically, these files are used to transfer the sheet music and tablature for piano, guitar, and vocal pieces. These files typically also include the lyrics of the music as well.

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Comments (3)
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2010-04-25 17:37:25
Would like to know how to convert .mtd file to midi or any other audio file.
2010-08-02 18:37:30
The MusicNotes player (.mtd) has a save to MIDI option, depending on the copyright of the music
James Altemara
2011-05-18 17:30:53
I want to convert a file on a CD from .mtd to a .cda file. I have the file both on a CD and in my computer - how can I do this?