.MDDATA File Extension

Apple iPhone Data File

Backup File
The .MDDATA file extension belongs to files created via the iPhone and iPod touch backup process.

These files contain the actual data stored on your iPhone.

You perform a backup of your iPhone/iPod through iTunes.

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dea prieto
2010-03-27 11:30:38
how can I retrieve .mddata files? My iPhone broke so I bought another but found that I cannot open the .mddata files.
Fogel, J
2010-05-20 09:36:25
Is it possible to view these files on the computer or can they only be read on the iPhone?
Arthur Ellul
2010-10-07 16:31:15
How can I retrieve .mddata files from my iPhone backup?
2012-10-24 15:13:27
Arthur, try phoneMiner - worked great for me.