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The MBP (Mobipocket) file format is a proprietary, reflowable, HTML based, binary format used for eBook distribution. It was developed by the Mobipocket Company and it’s an implementation of the Open eBook Publication format. Mobipocket was acquired by Amazon in 2005.

MBP files are used by the Amazon Kindle e-reader. Kindle eBooks come with three separate files: an AZW file which is Amazon’s proprietary eBook format, a PHL file used for storing popular highlights and the MBP file.

MBP files are used to store various eBook notes such as corrections, annotations or drawings made by the user. They store data in a binary format.

How to open MBP Files

Digital Rights Management protected MBP files can be opened with MBP Reader, available for Windows and Linux. Unprotected MBP files can be opened with Stanza, also available for Mac OS or with FBReader, also available for Android.

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    2008-03-24 12:16:34
    MBP mobipocket files store user notes of a book.
    This notes can be exported to a text file with MBP_reader:
    (you'll need a Perl interpreter).