.MAX File Extension

3ds Max Scene File

3D/CAD File
MAX Files are created with Autodesk's 3ds Max, a 3D design, animation, modeling and rendering application. They can contain a variety of models such as animation, shading effects, textures, lighting effects and wire-frames.

MAX scene files are generally used for creating professional 3d graphics for video games, movies and for television. They can also be exported using 3ds Max and have become a common way to trade 3d designs between users.

Due to their binary format MAX files offer faster loading times and can be two to ten times smaller. They can also store a thumbnail and header data which can be displayed in Windows Explorer.

How to open MAX Files

MAX Files are created and opened with Autodesk 3ds Max. In its earlier versions the program was called 3ds Studio Max and it also came with full support for MAX files.
3ds Max offers users great modeling capabilities, an adaptive plug-in architecture but can only be used with the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Other .MAX file extensions
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