.M2TS File Extension

MPEG-2 Transport Stream File

Video File
The M2TS extension is used by files saved in the BDAV high definition Blu-ray format. M2TS are multimedia files based on the MPEG-2 Transport Stream container which is used for multiplexing video, audio and other streams. The Blu-ray Disc Audio Video (BDAV) file format supports resolutions of up to 1080i.

The BDAV container format is currently the industry standard for Blu-ray discs. M2TS files saved on a Blu-ray disc have a 5 digit number name (can be a date or timestamp) and are located in the STREAM sub-folder.

How to open M2TS files

M2TS files can be opened with a wide range of media players on all major operating systems but some applications may require a codec or plug-in to be installed first.

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2009-01-10 05:40:24
@ SonyMemoNero

You're right, plus.. Sony Software also combines the clips made in one recording session, which otherwise are placed on camera's hard disk as separate files, difficult to identify.

2009-01-20 04:25:44
@ Brendan

"Then I use Nero 8's Nero Vision 5 to import the .m2ts, or .mpg files and create a standard-definition DVD, until I can afford either a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray burner and create high-def DVDs ..."

One thing i learned is that if you take the .m2ts files and directly burn them as a data dvd using Nero or just about any burning software to a plain old burnable DVD, then stick that DVD into a playstation 3, it plays with 1080 resolution without any skipping, choppiness or any problems.

I was under the impression that i needed a Blu-Ray disc/burner in order to burn HD discs, but that is obviously not true. The problem with this is that at 1080 resolution, a single-layer dvd holds about 40-50 minutes of video before running out of space, so if you make video of any real size, you will need to burn onto dual-layer dvds.

I was burning in both HD and downconverting to SD quality so that i could share with friends and family that don't have blu-ray players yet, but with the price of those players dropping, i decided to just burn in HD and wait for them to get out of the "stone age". :)

Hope this helps some folks.
2009-02-07 06:50:13
The .modd file holds the 'label' information that you might give to a photo with PMB. I copied a number of modd files from 1 computer to another that had the same photos. Of course PMB doesn't 'see' the label information until you 'refresh', and even then you will need to give names to the labels it finds. BUT, it does work!

You still have to think though about what happens to all your editing if PMB disappears, as did Sony's earlier software (2000-2004 vintage, Picture Package?). Will your replacement software see the labels?
2009-02-10 03:24:40
Now comes the end to all this nightmares of the M2TS file format! Search for (wondershare video converter) download it and go nuts! :D
2009-02-24 08:14:46
I got sony handycam Hi8(CCD-TRV218E) model. When I connect it through S Video out into my laptop USB port (vista home premium)it is not at all recognised by the system.

I don't have any software from Sony, as it is an old model. I have the video conversion software. I want my system to recognise the video files first. Can anybody help me?
2009-02-25 05:07:45
all of you guys try (wondershare video convertor) it can handle those mt2s files easily. Found @
shiju sebastian
2009-02-25 10:45:44
My camcorder is ok now, I dont know how my problem fixed. I just did as per directed from Sony site.

It took several times of installing and uninstalling and a lot of things but finally that problem is solved - thanks for your attention to my message.
2009-03-01 18:28:35
Have a CX12 - love it - but when I try to use PMB to view the files - the video freezes, and when I try to convert to MPG2 there is no sound - video looks great. WMV conversion does have sound.

Have re-instlled PMB to no avail. Running XP sp2 on a 2.8gz with 1G of ram and Radeon 7500 wonder video card.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
2009-05-16 06:51:34
It's a shame to convert .M2ts to anything else as you loose the HD quality. However if you use Vista and install an ffdshow codex, Windows Media Player will play .M2TS files. I got my ffdshow codex from Shark 007.

Also if your CPU is powerful enough Windows Movie Maker will also accept .M2TS. You can then edit and publish the result in HD - in my case Windows Media PAL 1081p HD.

For best result remember to go to 'tools' on WMM and adjust the settings so that you don't have any codec conflicts - just untick everything except for the ffshow audio and video codecs
2010-01-15 11:07:29
I bought a Sony HDR SR11E and I transferred the video on to my Sony Vaio (windows vista) computer. The quality of video is blurry (windows media player and VLC player). What is the solution?
2010-01-20 10:44:16
Sony products get on my nerves and waste my time. If I knew all this before I bought the Sony handycam HD camera I would have never bought their product.

My xp does not view these files and my Easy Video Creator does not recognize this kind of files despite having the handy-cam installation software installed on my pc. So how do you edit what you cannot preview in a browser window?
2010-01-30 15:22:33
I agree. I will never buy another Sony Handycam. I bought the Sony Handycam HDR-CX100 AND it's ridiculous how hard this thing is just to play on your computer.

Sure, if I want to play the video on my computer I can through the PMB software that came with the camera but what if I want to send the video to a friend - they can't open MT2S files.

I even downloaded the trial of Sony's own Vegas Movie Studio HD and still can't figure out what format I can get these into that will play correctly.

These camcorders are garbage unless you want to just hook them up directly to your tv to watch video. Total waste of money. Who would have known that it would be this difficult just to watch a movie in the windows media player or any other player for that matter that isn't Sony.
2010-02-20 17:40:47
I just want to be able to burn a DVD and to watch on my TV. How do I do this?
2010-03-08 17:16:04
1- K-LITE Codecs Full Pack and VLC Player or Media
Player Classic
2 - CyberLink PowerDirector
2010-03-31 06:28:34
I have the new Sony HDR cx 350 model and have the same issue with .m2ts files.

I am not able to edit this file with premiere or not able to play the file with players other than PMB given by them. I installed some codec 'media player classic' and it is now working fine.

Could someone tell me the best way to convert this files into mpeg without loosing the quality?
2010-04-25 22:14:11
I have a Sony DCR-SX40 Handycam. I have used the PMB launcher (Sony software that came with the cam) to load the videos to the PC.

What's the latest way to convert them so they can be viewed under "MY VIDEOS"? I have Windows XP but had problems with validation after the PC was repaired by a total idiot repair service so using Windows Media player does not seem to work as an option.

Are there free downloads or do I have to buy something? Nero 8? Any help, most appreciated. It seems as though Sony isn't much help with this.
2010-04-29 08:57:33
There are several ways to deal with this extension. I bought a Sony HDR-UX1 several years ago along with Nero.

You must have the proper codecs loaded.

I use PMB to import the files on my laptop as I am able to put the miniDVD directly into the dvd drive of the laptop (Compaq). I then import the pictures from the miniDVD using PMB.

When done, I copy them to my 'big' home computer using thumb drive and edit them there using Nero 8.

Even with the proper codecs loaded, some dvd players/burners cant see the disks. I purchased an external DVD player/burner that explicitly stated that it can both read and write AVCHD content.

There was a time when I had too many codecs loaded on my 'big' home computer (500gb hdd, 2 pentium Xeon processors, 4 gb RAM).

I simply had to reinstall everything (including the OS) from absolute scratch. Yes, this stinks, but once you find the right combo that works, it works well.
Jane Gove
2010-05-24 12:10:33
I have a load of .m2ts .modd and .moff files copied from my Sony TG-3 camcorder to my PC.

I have just bought a new imac with imovies and copied these files across and imovies won't play them.

How do I convert them on the Mac?
2010-06-01 03:48:27
I don't know if this is useful to anyone - I do my editing on Serif's MoviePlus X3 and that reads m2ts files fine and then lets me export the finished file in any format I choose.
2010-07-19 19:24:37
Yes, there are some free CODECS that could be downloaded. However, as new operating systems become available, these may support *.M2TS files natively. It is by no means a sure thing.

Nero 8 is now very old. However, since it works for me, that is what I use. Nero 9 is out and may be of some worth. However, be advised: Nero 8 can be slower than all get out even on a very fast machine. I have not tried Nero 9, but I have not heard that it is appreciably faster.
2010-09-07 01:17:59
Help me please! How do I download my .m2ts video files to a disc?
2010-09-08 17:33:18
mer, I presume that your video files are on your camcorder. If it is Sony camcorder, then they can be downloaded to a computer using the software included with the camcorder.


This software can seriously scramble a hard disk. I had to reload everything after reformatting the HDD. For this reason I download *.m2ts files to a laptop which has enough disk space but doesn't have any sensitive data on it. Then I transfer the data either via network or thumb drive.

To be honest, my software and camcorder are both old.
Then, to get the pictures on to a DVD one must have the proper codecs and a software package that will use *.m2ts files. I am partial to Nero, but there is other software out there.
There are a few things that you need to know:
-the dvd burner has to be able to do AVCHD. I had to buy a new one.
-the player has to be able to play AVCHD (many dont!)
-You absolutely have to have the proper codecs loaded in the computer doing the editing and burning. This thread mentions several places to get these.
2011-03-12 23:14:57
Is it possible to transfer PMB files directly from a Vista desktop to a new Windows 7 desktop? Or to a flash drive and then to Windows 7?
2011-04-29 22:35:12
I just discovered that my PS3 will play m2ts files. A friend gave me some footage of a rugby game he shot and I couldn't play the m2ts files on mac or PC. As a last resort, I threw the disk in my PS3 and whola! It played.
2011-05-23 16:13:34
Spent almost $900 for a Sony camcorder, but can't simply play a video on my computer. Don't understand why Sony insist on making things complex, remember the Sony version of memory card in the early days? I would not buy any Sony again, just to avoid the headache.
2011-06-08 08:54:44
So I have a Sony hdr-xr155 camcorder and a cyclone primus 2tb multimedia hard drive. When I output the recorded files using 'picture motion browser' (sony software) it changes the file into a 'm2ts' file, but that is not my problem.

When I put these files on the hard drive I can only hear the sound but get no video playback taking in mind that the hard drive does supports 'm2ts' files.
2011-08-10 03:56:14
I have used a Sony camcorder (HDR-HC9 mini tape HD format) this past year.

1.) I use the software that came on the CD with the camcorder - PMB Picture Motion Browser. Works fine to import the footage from camcorder to computer. Creates a M2T file and MODD file (date/time stamp) with the same numeric file 'name.' Both must be present for reviewing with Sony's PMB video editing software.

2.) I can also directly capture video from the tape, or live from the camcorder using Adobe Premiere Elements ( 3.0.2 older version). If I want to import an M2T file into Adobe, I simply omit the MODD file and that works too.

3.) HDVSplit (freeware) also works fine to import, capture or review or convert M2T files.

I read the manual and some internet sites about the camcorder and software before I bought it and since using it. Works fine.