.LSP File Extension

LISP Application Code File

Developer File
Contains source code for an application which has been written in the LISP programming language.

Other .LSP file extensions
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    2011-03-28 11:34:27
    This is a format for SPICE netlists that are derived from a GDSII or other physical transistor layout format. Generally it is used in verification of integrated circuit layouts in CAD tools.

    This is used for LVS (layout versus schematic). LVS takes the physical (layout) version of the design and extracts an LVS netlist. It also takes a schematic representation (either CAD drawings or HDL such as Verilog netlist) and writes a spice netlist then compares the physical LPE spice netlist versus the one obtained from the original schematic version.

    This ensures that the circuits a design describes in this design are in fact what is represented in the final GDSII file. The GDSII is then sent for manufacture at say IBM, TSMC, SMIC or other IC foundary.