.LS File Extension

Lightscape Solution File

3D/CAD File
The LS file format is associated with Lightscape, an application that combines ray tracing and radiosity to create accurate, lifelike lighting for 3D models. The Lightscape Visualization System was put together by the video editing software maker Discreet Logic which was acquired by Autodesk in 1998 in an effort to broaden the company's 3D product portfolio.

The process of adding lighting visual effects to a 3D model using Lightscape consists of two major parts: the Preparation Stage and the Solution stage. During the Preparation Stage the user can edit materials, geometry and lights. In the Solution Stage, the structure of the 3D model is altered and prepared for radiosity processing. The modified version of the 3D model is then saved as a LS file.

How to open LS Files

LS files containing 3D models can be created with Autodesk 3ds Max or imported directly into the program. This is done through the Application Menu by selecting "Import" and choosing whether to add new objects to the current scene or to replace the scene completely.

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