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Electronic books (eBooks) are digital documents designed for distribution across the internet and between mobile devices, and are slowly growing in popularity.

eBooks with the .lit (standing for literature) extension can be opened using an application called 'Microsoft Reader', which is a free application (although activation is required) from Microsoft. Microsoft Reader has been available since 2000, and is now bundled with many of Microsoft's mobile devices.

The .lit file format is based on Microsoft's compressed HTML Help file format. Due to the compressed nature of the file format, eBooks are almost exclusively available from online stores as they're relatively quick to download.

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Comments (5)
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2008-08-04 03:16:48
can i download microsoft reader to my mobile phone (nokia N82)
Jay /
2008-08-04 15:59:20
Hi Cik,

I'm not aware of Microsoft Reader for the nSeries as they use the Symbian OS.
2008-12-13 06:26:10
Which software can read '.lit' format ebooks on a Symbian OS?
2009-04-02 02:53:04
You need a software called Adobe Digital Editions, don't worry about what other people say, it works!!! :)
catherine jackson
2009-08-20 12:57:40
I am not computer literate and have found a book that I would like to read and I am under the impression that I can download it and print it?