.KOE File Extension

AquesTone Vocal Synthesiser Syllable File

Audio File
Syllable file used by the synthesizer software 'AquesTone Vocal Synthesiser'.

These .KOE files store syllables that the synthesizer then 'sings' based on user-assigned keys. AquesTone Vocal Synthesiser can also output singing voices by reading MIDI data and text lyrics.

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    DJ Joe Block
    2010-12-26 02:10:46
    This file-type is used with a VST plugin for music producing software. The name of the plugin is called AquesTone. The plugin takes spoken lyrics and adds tone to each lyric. As you play a note, a lyric is spoken to the pitch you played. Not much is known about how to save to a .koe file-type or how to aquire other .koe files aside from the ones included in the presets of AquesTone
    2014-06-18 08:44:14
    This file type can be created in Windows Notepad. Open Notepad and enter the words you want the VST to say using the Phoneme Table from the helpfile. When done, save the file as a .koe file by using the dropdown box when saving and saving as all file types.