.JWL File Extension

Easy CD Creator - CD Label File

Image File
Files with the extension .JWL are CD label files created using 'Roxio Easy CD Jewel Case Creator'.

.JWL files are a sort of image file used to create jewel case inserts to go with your burnt CDs.

.JWL files created using different versions of the jewel case creator software may suffer compatibility issues.

Other .JWL file extensions
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    2008-10-11 12:29:19
    I have a load of these files from an old computer but now cannot access them. Anybody know of a way to read them without having to buy the Roxio suite again. (new computer came loaded with Nero). Read only is fine.
    2009-02-26 19:33:04
    Same as Mosquito1946, have 3 .jwl files would love to read so I can re-create the playlist as ex-husband took the cd, new computer didn't come with either Roxio OR Nero. Now what? Any and all help appreciated!
    2009-02-27 11:40:44
    You can send them to Notepad. There is a lot of junk, but the text is in there somewhere!