.ITHMB File Extension

Apple iPod / iPhone Media File

Image File
Files with the extension .ITHMB are media files utilised by the 'Apple iPOD'. .ITHMB files are most commonly picture files in a thumbnail format specific to the iPOD and they can be very difficult to open within an alternative operating systems.

.ITHMB picture files are 16-bit uncompressed raw picture files that tend to be very large in size. The reason for the uncompressed nature of the .ITHMB picture files is thought to be due to the lack of processing power available to the iPOD that would be required to decompress archived picture files and the extra power consumption needed for the process that would have drained users batteries faster.

A .ITHMB image file is made up of four images of different resolutions designed to be displayed on different screen sizes.

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2008-08-10 17:46:04
Hi, I'm having problems opening .ITHMB files on my PC, if I try to open them I get a 'no preview available' message.

Can anybody help?
2008-08-10 19:10:39
I need to convert .ITHMB files from my old iPOD into a more usable format maybe a jpg or bitmap - any suggestions?!?
2008-09-17 17:34:28
I need to get these .ithmb files converted so I can view them or I need to know how to open them. PLEASE HELP!
2008-09-17 17:43:21
Try plugging your iPod into the computer and when windows asks what to do with the new device select "use microsoft scanner and camera wizard" it should then let you extract them in full size, well it worked with my iPhone anyway. :)
2008-09-18 04:57:17
How can I transfer photos from my ipod to my computer?
2008-10-01 09:31:08
Ipoo'd, thanks for the tip, but do believe that an iphone is much more advanced technology than the regular 2008 ipod classic. Your tip only helped extract photos that are not in the .ithmb format, which i believe is what we are asking how to extract. Well, anyways, how do i convert .ithmb to a regular .jpg or bitmap image without downloading some sort of cheesy software thats gonna load my computer up with spyware?
2008-10-08 12:33:12
attach your iphone, go into control panel, scanners and cameras and open the iphone. you will get a wizard that walks you through downloading all the files. mine download to .jpg format. no bogus software, pure windows/iphone bliss.
2008-10-15 09:38:37
Hey Gary, Gary here. Your answer was right on! THANKS!!
2008-11-03 23:50:46
putting some jpeg photos into an existing folder they ended up, unbeknown to me, in an IPOD Cache folder and became ITHMB files which I can no longer open. How can I convert them back to jpeg??
2008-11-11 18:15:15
I rebooted my iPhone and my library photos were not added onto it again. Just my computer photos. These library photos are ITHMB and still in a file in my documents. I have no idea how to put them back on. I cannot just add the file. It doesn't work. HELP!!
Help PLZ!
2008-12-24 17:57:04
Hi, i have a 5th generation ipod nano, and want to know how to convert my pictures on the computer to place on the nano, WITHOUT placing in entire folders. Just placing in single photos and such without the nano deleting the other pictures. You're a genius if you can figure it out, because I have spent days trying to figure this out!
2009-03-31 10:16:52
The fact that ithmb files are so hard to convert back to Jpeg is living proof of how greedy Apple is with its devices. They are friendly in accepting media, but not in giving them up (basically a one way street).

I have about 300 pictures on my ipod nano which were on my now-crashed hard drive. Thus I have no way that I know of to recover them. Thanks a lot Apple! - Frankly I don't know why teens rave over these devices...(My mp3 player is a die-hard iriver)
2009-05-09 01:07:16
omg i have been trying to open ithmb files that were transfer onto my ipod by my man and he took them from his ipod and placed them onto my ipod... i have tried everything for the life of me to open these files... i really want to look at these pictures and i can not... can someone please help me convert these files??? i have a 30 gb ipod 2007?
2009-05-22 22:18:32
I have the 120gb iPod and I have over 3000, yes 3 thousand pictures of my son from birth to 3 years old. And unfortunately my hard drive got a virus and I lost all of my pictures.

Can someone please tell me how I can transfer my picture files from my ipod back to my computer?
Burlington Berty
2009-06-22 04:02:31
Thnaks I'Pood. Your fix worked a treat. Most grateful.
2009-07-05 14:52:35
Thanks Gary. I followed your advice after spending hours trying to transfer photos from iphone to lap top. Success!
2009-07-25 02:02:38
Hi, I have tried to follow the steps in the link below to open my ithmb files in my PC but when I reach step 6, I get a message telling me that file type is unknown!

Can someone please advice me. I am desperate!
2009-07-26 02:36:26
Hi All,

I have some .ithmb files in my windows pc that I desperately need to open. I have tried using DOS based ithmbconv.exe to open the files to no avail. Can anyone help please.

2009-12-12 18:51:05
I Have an ipod nano 8 gb the older version. I'm trying to get my pictures out of it and on to my computer - could you please tell me how to do this?
2010-01-10 19:47:27
I'm trying to convert photos from my iPhone to my computer but not sure how to convert this .ithmb file.
2010-02-09 10:15:54
I have some .ithmb files on my Windows pc. I have tried using DOS based ithmbconv.exe - how do I convert .ithmb to a regular .jpg?
2010-02-13 12:54:45
well if the photos still show up on your ipod (without it being a plugin of course) all you have to do is go to the ipod by going to my computer then to your ipod then searching for a folder called photos on the ipod and they should all be right there...unless you're like me and accidentally hit delete on that folder and now have lost them.
2010-03-07 19:16:10
Anybody know of a good Ithmb converter for converting Ithmb to JPG?
2010-05-03 15:31:35
Kudos Garyu! Windows camera and scanner wizard works great! Pictures transferred from iPhone to PC as JPEGS. No software to buy!
hopefully helpful
2010-08-09 19:18:28
The answer to this problem is simply simple. All you need to do is go to your windows photo gallery (click your start icon and type it in the search box) select file import from camera/scanner, select your iphone, and tada!
2010-09-01 20:23:19
have some photos that were on my iphone, I did a sink and now the pics are on my lenovo t400s as ithmb files, how can I convert them since they are already on my pc, thanks for any help.
2010-10-11 23:25:22
The best solution: attach your iphone, go into control panel, scanners and cameras and open the iphone. you will get a wizard that walks you through downloading all the files. mine download to .jpg format. no bogus software, pure windows/iphone bliss.
2011-02-26 09:13:50
My photos on my ipod where saved on my pictures as an ifile and i can not open them. How can i restore them as normal photos on my laptop. How can I do this and view my old photos again?
2011-06-20 02:34:10
Absolutely, stunningly simple...and no need for more software. Used Scanner/Camera wizard to download all photo files to a New download folder and left the Cache folder alone. Outstanding....Thank you very much.
2011-07-12 14:45:11
Best Answer ,Direction capabilities and simplicity award goes to "Hopefully Helpful" 2010-08-09 21;18;28. I was at my wits end trying to view my Iphone photos on my PC ( not MAC) and after trying the rest and many other websites your guide was a God sent!! Thank you so much for sharing!
2011-10-26 01:13:58
Something happened when my husband backed up my iphone thanks to the new IOS 5 software (i am being sarcastic when I say thanks) and I lost all my photos from my iphone. However, I do have an iphone photo Cache on my computer but it is in that tricky .ithmb file. Since I cannot send them to my Windows 7 computer in a jpeg file since they are gone, how do I convert them to jpeg?
Please help!
2011-12-27 04:21:12
I plug in an iphone into a new computer and itune erase everything inside the iphone as factory setting. I message to get some .ithmb file from a old computer back up but can't open them. Can anyone suggest how?
2012-03-27 17:34:12
The photos are no longer on the i-device. they are only on the computer as ithmb files. Therefore, the fix above, which IS stunningly simple for an upload situation, won't work. Any idea how to fix this?