.FTM File Extension

Family Tree Maker File

Data File
FTM files are Family tree files that were created with Family Tree Maker for DOS, an older version of the popular family tree creation program. The FTM file wil contain genealogy data that can be viewed as a family tree. Family Tree Maker for Windows saves the same family tree data as .FTW files.

The 'Family Tree Maker' software is used to record/organize information you've collected on your family. Family Tree Maker allows you to create tree charts, reports, calendars, scrapbooks etc.

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    2010-11-18 14:29:32
    i am using an older version of family tree maker in which i have entered data in to.from there i have created reports and charts which i have saved on a flash drive. since then my hard drive has gone bad and ive lost all info. is there a way to transfer from the flash drive back to the original program on a different pc?