.FSA File Extension

Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysis data file (Sequencing)

FSA files are genemapping files that are used by Applied Biosystems systems. Applied Biosystems are a research business focusing on basic research, commercial research (pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and standardized testing, including forensic human identification, paternity testing and food testing.

This file format was created by Applied Biosystems for data storage and anaylysis. Tools to convert this format to a more common format can be found on the Applied Biosystems' website (See links below).

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William Singer
2009-03-17 16:03:32
I would like to import .fsa files from our AB Genetic Analyzer to the Systat program, PeakFit, for peak area analysis. PeakFit requires the following file types:

Lotus 123[wk?]
Quattro Pro[wb?wq?]
SPSS Windows[sav]
Systat Windows[sys]
AIA Chrom [cdf]

How do I convert the .fsa files to one of these?
2009-10-10 10:01:59
I would like to convert raw .FSA file from abi 3100 into .txt file
2011-03-15 01:53:40
FASTA files, such as .fsa, are essentially just text files. They contain only nucleotide or amino acid data.

You can't import one into a spectrogram program such as Systat, because it contains a visual component, i.e. the intensity of the nucleotide signal.