.FBK File Extension

Family Tree Maker Backup

Backup File
.FBK files are FamilyTree Maker (for Windows) software backup files. They can be used to restore FamilyTree Maker data, or move it to a new system.FBK file can be restored by selecting "File->Restore From Backup" within Family Tree Maker. This file is a backup file used by Family Tree Maker.

The 'Family Tree Maker' software is used to record/organize information you've collected on your family. Family Tree Maker allows you to create tree charts, reports, calendars, scrapbooks etc.

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    Tony Tortorich
    2009-02-02 22:31:47
    I had my Family Tree on a Flash drive. I used Family Tree Maker version 6. On my old computer I could get to the file however now on my new computer I can not. What do I need to do to find the files?
    John Boksteyn
    2012-01-15 13:08:18
    I use family tree maker.I have upgraded my computer to windows 7. How do i get my files back on.Thank you for your anticipated assistance. JB